Summer's Sleep Secrets/Sleep Consultant Training & Certification Program and Nap Course Bundle

Sleep Consultant Training & Certification Program and Nap Course Bundle

Become a Sleep Consultant, sleep trainer, and newborn care specialist ALL in one program. You will learn how to work in all three industries to have multiple levels of income.

Are you a Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula, or Nanny looking to...

  • Add to the services you offer clients?
  • Transition out of working in homes and into being able to support clients from the comfort of your home?
  • Learn how to sleep condition newborns to be able to have them sleeping by the end of your contract?

Can you imagine:

  • Feeling confident you can support any family, regardless of their parenting style.
  • Being able to put together a professional sleep plan for clients with ease.
  • Providing families with more informed support so they can get the results they want - SLEEP!

At Summer's Sleep Secrets, we strive to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

Our Sleep Consulting Training & Certification Program provides a comprehensive overview of the sleep industry, including sleep science, learning the various sleep methods and philosophies, designing custom sleep plans, understanding all the factors in sleep, troubleshooting, professionalism and more. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have… 
A strong knowledge of sleep foundations, including how to work in both home and virtual settings, implement sleep plans, collaborate with other staff, and mentor parents. 
Templates for sleep plans, contracts, intake forms, and other necessary paperwork, so that you can spend less time figuring out how to set up your clients (and more time actually helping them!).
A community of fellow sleep consultants, newborn care specialists, and postpartum doulas that are there to support you…you've found your village.

Course Contents Include...

Basic sleep methods
and the science behind infant sleep. 
12 researched sleep methods to show you that there are many different ways to support a family regardless of their preferences.
How to be in the home working as an NCS or postpartum doula. Includes: Framework Overnight Action Plan & Setting the Foundation for Sleep 
Case Studies to show you real examples of putting the methods into practice. These include: working with multiples, coaching parents, coping with sleep regression, failure to thrive, reflux, and more! 
Working with toddlers, including sleep plan examples and how to structure for various ages.
Consultations 101:  frameworks, how to’s, and FAQ’s 
How to coach parents virtually 
Sleep Science Research for adults and why we are important as sleep consultants. (this will basically sell your services for you!)
Safe Sleep Guidelines, Nutrition for Mother and Baby
Business Basics: How to Make a Presentation for Parents, marketing yourself, and a course creation framework.

Everything you need in ONE convenient place.

Complete Course
: Sleep Consultant Training & Certification Program (valued at $5,997)
Workbook  (valued at $297)
Accredited Program (valued at $5,000)
Sleep Plans, Frameworks, and Templates (valued at $1,997) 
Support from our expert team of mentors in case you get stuck or need help along the way!



"I have just gotten so much support from her over the years, and as a mentor, especially with sleep training coming from the NCS world, I was confident with the newborn side of things, but I wanted to expand my sleep training and consulting business." 


“I am thankful for being part of this program; I’ve learned how to run a business, work as a sleep consultant, and have an excellent mindset to grow and be successful.”

Haily C.

"Summer is an incredible teacher and sleep consultant. Her course is well thought out and informative. She puts her all into making sure her students feel supported and confident in their work. She also takes the time to mentor those who need it, which is a huge blessing as she is super busy. She's the best." 

Jenna C.

"I had the pleasure of starting Summer's Signature Sleep Course in September 2018. One of the unique features of Summer's training and mentorship is the vast amount of experience she
draws on from her 20+ year career. The course is written in case study format, which is so helpful for learning practical strategies and tips for handling various situations. I enjoy how Summer shares what she does with clients and proposes other options that can be used". 

Why Become a Certified Sleep Consultant?

In a growing and competitive market, getting certified can help you to stand out from the crowd and enhance your credibility. Summer's Sleep Secrets is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

In case we haven't met yet...

I'm Summer Hartman

Award-winning, Internationally Certified, Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Consultant

"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together."

When I started working as a newborn care specialist and sleep consultant over 16 years ago, I knew I hit the jackpot!

Babies are my passion that has now turned into the best career I’ve ever had -- I want you to experience this in your career too, that's why I created Summer's Sleep Secrets: Training Center.

My philosophy is to create programs that are enjoyable and educational. You will learn from various points of view and practice with examples showcasing common scenarios.

My vision is to give you the confidence and support you will need to become a confident NCS, Sleep Consultant, and/or Business owner.

Frequently asked questions

You've got questions. We have Answers.

Are there prerequisites to taking this Course?

Yes. You must have training in newborn care through an NCS or postpartum doula program. This sleep program is designed with the assumption you have basic knowledge of newborn care.

Does your Sleep Program include sleep conditioning for 0-12 weeks?

Yes. We address sleep conditioning or sleep shaping from birth until 12 weeks and then go into sleep training for 13 weeks plus.

What ages does the sleep training cover?

It covers ages birth through 3 years.

Do you teach nap training as well in the program?

Yes. We address naps and night time sleep, as well as nap troubleshooting.

Included is a course on nap training specifically check out Summer's Nap Training Course.

Will I learn the business end of sleep consulting?

You will gain a basic knowledge of what is required to run a sleep training/consulting business.

If you’d like a detailed business program for your sleep training business, we encourage you to explore our 90-Day Business Accelerator program.

What is the training format? Audio and visual?

We have the best of both worlds to reach different learning styles.  There is video as well as audio.

How does the mentoring/support work?

You will have direct email access for unlimited mentoring from our team of experts. You will also have access to our Private Facebook Group, so you'll always have support when you need it. 

How does the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Program Work?

Once you complete all education and assignments, plus the hour requirements, you will be certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant through Summer's Sleep Secrets.

The next step is to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Program (AADP)

What are the requirements for certification?

Once you complete all education and assignments, plus the hour requirements, you will be certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant through Summer's Sleep Secrets. The next step is to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners Program (AADP)

To certify you must:

  • Complete the full course.
  • Must have completed the Summer's Sleep Secrets test, 78 questions 90-minute test.
  • Read a minimum of 5 books interview with Summer explaining each method: Create 3 sleep plans 12-weeks, 6-months, 15-month-old.
  • Write a 1000-word essay based on what you learned in training.
  • Proof of 10- sleep consultations. Please provide: Parent Name, Age, and Hours Worked.
  • 1200- hours of sleep consulting and sleep training within 2 years of your practice. 
  • Sleep training hour requirements: 10 weeks or older. 12 hours max counted nightly while training.  
  • Sleep consulting hour requirements: call with the client 1 call =1 hour, over 20 text messages = 1 hour, writing sleep plan = 2 hours.
  • 2-years to complete after attending an in-person or full online class.

Am I able to be accredited after taking the Sleep Program?

Yes, you will have an opportunity to certify as a Sleep Consultant.  Once you become certified, you are able to apply with the AADP to be accredited as a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Still have questions?

 Our team of experts is ready to  help!